Making money online through sports betting isn’t an easy task; be it in a professional or semi-professional manner, you must find as many supporters as possible. It can be either tools or certain websites that will help you to get a great deal. It is helpful to use tools where you can compare the payouts of different online sports betting. There are some good sports betting tools available, helping you to improve your skills in some fashion. Several professional handicappers make use of online sports betting tools on a daily basis as they find them to be valuable. Some tools are available for free and the best part about them is the ease of use and they need little knowledge of betting terminology and concepts. You’ll find these tools to be every bit as useful.

MLB database’s MLB database collects everything you could possibly think about appropriate to ATS or under/over numbers. It is one of the best tools available online and quite easy to use. It dates back to early 2000s and all of stats are sorted by year-wise, group, and gamer. This database has info on every umpire with stats on over or under, road win, home, and strike percentage. You can check MLB database on a daily basis to get more knowledge about the game.

Sportsbook Spy

With’s Sportsbook Spy, you can track public betting percentages instantly by merging data from multiple sports books.  It shows you the exact number of bets on a money line as well as displays percentage broken down by run lines, totals, exotics, and many more. In short, it provides a better understanding of why run lines are shifting a certain way. Based on the direction of the line shifts and public betting percentages, you’ll be able to judge to which team exactly the sharp money is heading. Moreover, the numbers are useful as it’ll tell you in which side the public is on.


There is no better means to stay tuned on the leagues, teams, and players, if you follow Twitter. Make a list of national media people, coaches, players, beat writers, handicappers, and start following them directly. In the process, you will get quick updates, injury information, and breaking news instantly than just about anybody. Twitter has helped many online bettors as they get weather alert or injury update before the sportsbooks had a chance to modify the line to take this data into account. It is an ultimate equalizer where everyone would get access to the same info.

Live Odds

If you use multiple books, then you should look no further than’s live odds.  It is incredibly useful and you can spend time watching the sparking shades on the page as each of the ten featured sportsbooks fine-tunes their lines.  With the odd pages, you can decide which books are offering the best on a game. Instead of clicking around to each of the books, you can see most of them in single place. During the changes in lines, the tool flashes and alerts the players. If you find some sportsbooks are very slow to change their lines, you can count on your advantage and try to beat the changes. It is definitely one of the best tools as it’ll help you to beat the closing numbers.


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