Let it Ride poker game is one of the most exciting casino-based card games one can play in both land-based and online casinos. Though this is a game derived from five-card stud poker, the player would not be playing against other players or the dealer, but against himself. The main goal of the game is to get together a poker hand, which is listed in the bonus pay table (if you happen to play the bonus bet) or regular pay table.

Introduced in the 1990s, Let it Ride casino game has evolved from a comparatively obscure game to one of the most popular casino card games. There are many variations of this game that are available online (no download, multiplayer and progressive versions). Few casinos also provide tournaments based on this excellent card game. Though there are several variants of this game available, the basics of this free Let it Ride poker game remain the same.

Being the first of the few casino games to get introduced, this simple poker game requires the player to pay depending on his 5-card hand only; there’s no dealer hand to be concerned about. The twist in the game is that the player gets a chance to reduce his bet if he does not like his cards as the cards are disclosed.

There are three key bets that you can place at the same time on the table when you play Let it Ride; that too for the same amount of money. The initial two bets are those that you can get back later in the course of the game if you are not in for the cards you receives, If you like the cards you received, you can allow your cards to ride.

It is easy for the player to decide whether he should let his cards ride and take them back. If you like this game of free online poker, practice is what is needed to learn the best winning tips and strategies. An efficient player should also know the association of the game to the house edge and odds in order to increase the chances of winning. This free Let it Ride poker game is absolutely fun to play if you know the optimal strategy of whether or not to let your cards ride at the decision points. One useful tip that any avid Let it Ride gamer would give is to stay away from progressive jackpot wagers since they come with a heavy house edge


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